Elinor Jones Tome 3 - p19

La preview de la page 19 d'Elinor Jones T3.

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Lala a dit…

Hi! I'm from Brasil and I love your drawings. I think Vanille so beautiful! *o*~ I'm very curious about her story (Windgate). I hope one day to have one of his works (maybe I import Elinor Jones?! *________*). Sorry for the english, I hope you understand. One day I'll learn French, I promise! Thank you for such beautiful work.

Ps. recognize my avatar?! hihihi
I hope I can use it. hehe
Ty! ^.~

Anonyme a dit…

Wouhouhou ! C'est la tempête par ici. J’espère que la foudre va s'abattre sur les plans machiavéliques de Bianca, sinon, les autres couturières vont souffrir... Les pauvres... Bianca est vraiment affreusement horrible face à elles !
*Non ne répétez pas ça à Bianca* Hum hum, pardon.
PS : Pour le bal, est-ce que les animaux de compagnie seront invités ?

Aurore a dit…

@Lala : yes I recognize the avatar, it's from an old oekaki. ^_^
About Windgate I hope to be able to make the comic one day, I need more time to do all I want. T__T

@Emma : pourquoi pas ! XD

Lala a dit…

Windgate hasn't a comic?!
It's just a collection of drawings? Was a RPG history?
Please tell me more about the history of Vanille and Shadow!*-*
They are so cute! Nyah!