Big Bang Theory s3 ep07

The Guitarist Amplification
Petit "Best of" (et spoilers) :

Il a fait son propre jeu de plateau, c'est trop chou. *__*

"The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real."

Sheldon: Has your relationship reached its inevitable ugly end ?
*je compatis, moi aussi, j'en ai ma claque... >_<*

Comme d'habitude Leonard a un gros problème de confiance et Penny se sent toujours déconsidérée à ses cotés. +__+;

Penny: Hey.
Leonard: We're going to the movies.
Sheldon: No, we're not. We're standing in the hallway suffering through an awkward encounter.

Sheldon est toujours si perspicace. ^_^;

Stuart: Hey, guys. What's going on?
Leonard: We need to kill a couple hours till the next showing of "Time Bandits".
Stuart: No problem, I was thinking of closing early and going home, but... let's face it, that's just a slightly smaller lonely room filled with comic books.

\^o^/ Je veux voir Stuart dans plus d'épisodes !!

Penny: What does Leonard complain about ?
Sheldon: Your driving. The plethora of stuffed animals on your bed that stare at him
during your amorous activities. Your constant tardiness, your singing.
Penny: My singing ?
Sheldon: That's actually from my list. But Leonard would be a fool if he didn't agree with it.
Penny: If Leonard has so many problems with me, why hasn't he just said so ?
Sheldon: Because, according to him, you're oversensitive and have a temper.
Penny: Oh, really ? Well, then, do me a favor and tell Leonard that he can drop dead !
Sheldon: And she wonders why she's constantly undertipped.

Toute la scène est excellente (les diversions, les répétitions, les arguments), et j'aime beaucoup le clin d 'oeil de Sheldon à l'épisode 1.10 ! ^v^

Penny: Leonard and I are in a relationship and occasionally we're going to fight, but no matter what happens between us, we will always love you.
...Right, Leonard?
Leonard: Always is a long time.

En effet, très trèèèèèès long. :p