Big Bang Theory s3 ep03

The Gothowitz Deviation
Petit "Best of" (et spoilers) :

Penny: Morning, Sheldon. Come dance with me.
Sheldon: No.
Penny: Why not.
Sheldon: Penny, while I subscribe to the many worlds theory which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldons in an infinite number of universes, I assure you that in none of them am I dancing.
Penny: Are you fun in any of them?
Sheldon: The math would suggest that in a few I'm a clown made of candy. But I don't dance.

La logique de Sheldon, c'est fabuleux ! ^_^;

Penny: Want some French toast ?
Sheldon: It's oatmeal day.
Penny: Tell you what, next French toast day, I'll make you oatmeal.
Sheldon: Dear Lord, are you still going to be here on French toast day ?

Niaa, j'adore Penny ! Quelle tête elle fait et quel regard elle lui retourne ensuite. XD

Penny: Okay, who wants syrup and who wants cinnamon sugar?
Sheldon: I want oatmeal.
Penny: Yes, well, I want a boyfriend whose roommate isn't a giant pain in the ass.
Sheldon: I'm sure that will happen soon enough.

Rhoo~ comme c'est vilain... ^_^;

L'exemple parfait des idiosyncrasies de Sheldon. °__°;

Boy, that does smell good.

Too bad it's Monday.

J'ai trouvé cette séquence trop drôle :
Leonard et Sheldon regardent un anime. Penny commence a raconter une anecdote hallucinante. *_*;; Et elle rigole toute seule, sous le regard affligé de Sheldon.

Sheldon: It's not a cartoon. It's anime.
Penny: Anime...
Penny: I knew a girl in high school named Anna May. Anna May Fletcher.
Penny: She was born with one nostril. Then she had this bad nose job and basically wound up with three. Hahahahaha !
Sheldon: You're here a lot now.

Tous les passages où Sheldon "éduque" Penny sont excellents.
Et bien sur celui-là :

Bad Leonard ! XD

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Miouk a dit…

fufu ^^

Merci de publier les meilleurs moments.
ça me donne du coup envie de revoir l'épisode alors que je viens de voir le suivant. ^^

Aurore a dit…

Huhuhu oui, c'est vil !